It begins as an opportunity Our Story

Dick Shaw began his career in the vineyard world in 1981. He along with several co-investors met with the father of Washington viticulture, Dr. Walter Clore, who advised them on their first planting of a 100-acre plot on the Wahluke Slope. Dr. Clore counseled them on the ideal location and varietals to plant. It was a rough start, and when it came time to invest more capital in the venture, Dick was the sole investor to do so.

Turns into a dream Persistence & Passion

Unwilling to give up, Dick learned through trial and error which grapes to pull and which grapes to nurture. He continued to hone his skill and learn the art of growing and maintaining superior wine grapes, consulting with experts in the industry. His hard work and dedication to the craft have paid off. The original 100-acre planting on the Wahluke Slope has grown to over 1,250 acres. Over thirty-five years later he and his wife, Wendy, currently own more than 3,000 acres under vine in Washington State's top growing regions.

The path forward The Shaw's

In this renowned wine-growing region, Dick and Wendy are true stewards of the land. The Shaw’s were named Growers of the Year in 2015 and were inducted into the Legends of Washington Wine Hall of Fame in 2018. They continue to be active members of the wine community moving beyond grape growing, introducing new ways to bring the land to your hand.

Mike Macmorran, Winemaker / Partner

Mark Ryan Winery

"Marshall Edwards and his incredible crew farm half of the fruit we bring into our facility in Walla Walla. The reason for this is simple: year in and year out the fruit produced is exceptional. There is a true desire throughout the Shaw Vineyard group to meet and exceed our expectations and they put in the work to meet those goals every step of the way."

The Vision Land to the Hand

From the land to the hand speaks of the Shaw’s vision to offer all you need to enjoy the gift of wine. It starts on the precious land the grapes are grown on, to their crush facility and own winery, Henry Earl Estates. With the additions of a new winery building and tiny houses on Red Mountain, or visiting Shaw Island, they are creating new ways to bring wine into your hand and enjoy every moment of this wonderful life.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."
—Helen Keller
The Team

The Shaw’s listen to the industry and hand-select the best fit for their team. Together, with Dick still at the helm, they press forward with a shared passion for producing the best fruit possible for their customers.

Dick & Wendy Shaw

Dick & Wendy Shaw Owners &


Marshall Edwards Vineyard Operations

Katrina Cantu

Katrina Cantu C.F.O. &

Eduardo Zaragoza

Eduardo Zaragoza Vineyard Manager

Juan Torres

Juan Torres Assistant Vineyard Manager


John Dyer Irrigation Specialist